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welcome to what will probably be a very chaotic day in my life on tonight’s program ladies and gentlemen we have something that’s gonna make you sick [Music] hello hello hello welcome back to my youtube channel my name is Jack Edwards and I am a third year English Lit student at the University of Durham and a big thing that happens when you are in your third year at university is that you have two rides the dip you have to write that I can’t even say it you have to write the dissertation done which is funny because I swear I’m still an infant but in replacement of two modules this year I am writing a dissertation which has to be twelve thousand words thousand twelve thousand twelve freaking thousand twelve thousand and so you have to work on it for quite a long time my issue is that I like doing things quite last-minute I need a bit of stress you know need a bit of pressure however my dissertation is not due until March it’s currently November but my department at Durham is kind of weird and basically you have to like finalize your title by December which kind of is meant to force you to work and like I know that I am that person who will be in the library writing my dissertation the night before it’s you and to be honest I’m just kind of over that so I’d rather not I don’t wanna do that anymore so today is November the 18th and today I’m going to dedicate the whole day to my dissertation and I’m already feeling de-stressed yes hopefully you’re not disappointed I am tweeted to ask whether you would want to see a day in the life of preparing for a dissertation and an overwhelming majority of you said yes for some reason so that is what we will do so welcome to the video maybe sitting comfortably I hope you’ve got yourself a snack and let’s get cracking okay so I realized that I’m pretty stupid and I did forget to tell you what my dissertation is on so good start basically in like June sort of time I had to come up with a diss proposal so I had to send it to my department to say like this is what I think I’m gonna write on originally I wanted to do it on TS Eliot because I quite liked his writing and also I thought it sounded clever and I spent probably like one afternoon research and yet decided that actually I absolutely hated that topic and didn’t want to do that so that was great then in preparation for a theory module that I did last year I read a single man by Christopher Isherwood and just thought it was fantastic I’ve really enjoyed it and so I basically emailed the department asking if I could change my desk topic and they were like how was yeah so that was kind of how I decided that I would be writing on Christopher Isherwood and if you’re wondering who Christopher Isherwood was basically he was this incredible writer probably best known for his Berlin stories so mr. norris changes trains and goodbye to berlin which is what the musical cabaret is loosely based on and actually cabaret was on tour this summer so I went to see it in my local town I went on my own which was kind of kind of lame Durham University goes back really late and so all my friends were already back at University when it was like touring in my local town my parents were both at work and I did think about asking my grandmother to come with me because I thought yeah she’s quite into musicals but then when I went to see it there was so much like full frontal nudity and talk about sex and all that kind of thing I am so glad I didn’t ask my grandmother to come with me that just would have been a bizarre experience and then over the summer I did a little bit of reading and then this week I had a meeting about the dish so I’ve done I’ve done like a bit of prep so the topics I think I’m sort of going to cover within the day so what I’ve sort of been aiming my research towards is the concept of shame and embarrassment in Christopher issue it’s fiction so it’s super fascinating is I want to focus on sort of historically marginalized voices and also the creation of an other and how those two things sort of have a relationship with one another there’s a little bit of feminism there’s a bit of queer theory like it is super super fascinating and yeah that’s what my decision is going to be on I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do so I’m going to start the day by reading and the last little bit of Christopher and his kind which is both I’ve been slowly going through it’s so freakin dense like me I really am connected with how dense the book was but basically I’m just going through really really carefully so I only have to read through it once it’s pretty stodgy there’s like a lot of names and stuff but also so much good material they’re so appropriate for my dish so I’ve been going through it with like a pencil underlining everything that’s important and putting little sticky notes in it I think every what like 70 pages left to read so that’s how I’m going to start the day [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I have just finished reading at Christopher and his kind I’m so relieved to finish reading that bird I swear the first couple of chapters was so useful to my dissertation but towards the end it just got so tiresome and there was like less and less stuff I could actually use so I’m glad to have Dalia and I’ve basically been putting these little sticky tabs in so I know where to find my quotes of course they are color-coded and later today I think I’m going to start putting these into a research log because we have a big project essay like this in fact with any essay I think a research log is so vital moving on to the next task if I’m to change of scenery so I’m gonna go back upstairs so I think these are going to be my sort of primary text how satisfying is it it will have matching covers like ah that’s so nice maybe I’m just a massive book nerd but I I find that very satisfying by basically trying to use a mix of articles essays you know podcasts critical reviews all that kind of thing like theory as well so my next sort of task for the day is to type up my notes I’ve sort of underlined and added markers to in my primary reading basically I speak about these all the time on this channel but I make essay research logs which is basically just a record of all of the research that I’ve done so that when it comes to writing the essay and you know typing everything up it’s all there at my disposal is ready to just like copy and paste this is important for any essay but especially for this one because obviously like this is due in March like literal March I don’t know what I’ll be thinking next week let alone in March there could be a new prime minister in March I might have finally grown a non patchy beard in March climate change may have caused the world to end by March who knows really so anyway that was a long way of introducing the fact that I’m just gonna type up some notes [Music] [Music] [Music] this is what my research log sort of looked like so I have like the name of the source here and the author the quotes or the idea that I’m using because even if you are just taking an idea that idea isn’t your own so you still need to credit the original source then down here we’ll have like the page numbers and the publishing information and yeah basically just have all of my quotes from the books there’s a lot of them and I have one of these four primary research so basically like the books that I’m analyzing and then I also have secondary research that’s in a separate document and that is for basically like what other critics have said and that kind of thing so somehow I just forgot I was vlogging today basically I’ve just been sitting here listening to a podcast on Chris Fisher would obviously I managed to find it just unlike the podcast app that were there was a whole lecture series on Christopher Isherwood from this like convention thing that was held with the Huntington Library so found some absolute gold from people who are so passionate about the subject it was honestly perfect so I just listened to three lectures and I’ve been typing up little notes and stuff and adding like the timestamps into my research log so they are all here here at my secondary research log and now I am going to do some more secondary research and there’s a book called tendencies which is sort of about like shame and embarrassment and that is kind of what my dis is is on so I think that’d be quite crucial reading so I’m going to do that now and hopefully it will be noteworthy [Music] [Music] so that has been a day in my life of working on my dissertation what the hell there’s something about doing my dissertation I can’t quite fathom because I just feel like a child but I will keep you in the loop on this channel of the progress I guess of the death and coming up to when it’s due I’m sure will be very stressful for the remainder of the day I’m going to continue reading some secondary material and I’m going to try and read 1/2 or down there on a visit by issue it but I am NOT going to film that because I think you’ve seen enough apparently I’m doing front crawl now thank you very very much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe for more for me to keep up stay with my final year at university and my dissertation for now I’ve been Jack Edwards have a lovely all day and I will see you very soon but baby in case I don’t see ya good afternoon good evening and good night