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hello today we’ll be talking about how do you take a visa statement you’ve developed check to make certain that it has all of the requisite parts and then develop it step by step into a full sentence outline full sentence outlines are not so necessary when you’re writing short papers that have maybe five paragraphs to them but as you begin to do more research and write more complicated essays it’s important that you be able to rough them out in full sentence outlines so that you don’t have to retain everything in your mind at once and you can focus on your essay just one paragraph at a time so let’s assume that you have an essay thesis that is making maple syrup which comes from the sap of sugar maple trees involves a process that has a number of steps if you’ll remember about point let’s check to make sure it has the two necessary components to make a good thesis statement and so we’ll ask the about point questions first of all what is this sentence about well you can see that it’s about making maple syrup so that’s the topic and then we’ve got to ask the other question which is what’s our point about making maple syrup and you can see from this sentence that making maple syrup in blue involves a process that has a number of steps so it does have a subject or a topic and it does have a point about the subject or the topic and the closet’s between the two which comes from the sap of sugar maple trees is neither the subject nor is it the point it’s just a modifier along the way so it’s okay but it’s there but it would not be okay if that were the thesis statement trying to stand alone so yes we have a complete thesis statement now we can tell by looking at it that it says that the process has a number of steps so if we know that there are 32 steps will have 32 paragraphs within this essay hopefully it doesn’t have 32 steps but you can determine the number of paragraphs the minimum number of paragraphs between your introductory paragraph which concludes your thesis and your concluding paragraph simply by knowing the number of steps or if this were not steps in a process si the number of other components of some sort so okay we’re ready to go in a full sentence outline the sentence that is there your topic sentence for the first paragraph also has to be a complete sentence and in this case ours is first the sap has to be gathered from the trees okay maybe we don’t know a lot about how you gather sap from trees so we will have discovered or already knew a number of steps it takes to gather sap from the trees and in this case we’ve discovered that there are at least four elements that need to be provided in order to explain gathering the SAP a sap from the trees and so our first detail is first you choose healthy trees larger than 30 centimeters in diameter and that’s a complete sentence so our next detail tells us how to drill tap holes at an angle that will allow the SAP to drip down into the bucket that’s a complete sentence and our detail number three is tap the Spile or the drain tube into place that’s a complete sentence actually it’s a complete sentence each of these is a complete sentence because the subject implied is you you choose you drill you tap and then finally you hang the bucket beneath this file so we’re assuming that the writer in this case feels that this is sufficient amount of detail to explain how you actually go about gathering the sap from the trees then having fully explained the first step in this process we move on to the topic sentence for the second step and we see that the sap then has to be transported to the sugarhouse well I don’t know how many how many details one needs to have in explaining transportation to the sugarhouse but in our model here we have three details listed or the possibility of four five six or seven or however many we need in once we’ve fully developed this topic sentence with full sentence descriptions of the details we’re ready to move on to the next step in the process and it appears that the third step in the process at least according to this essay is to boil the SAP so our topic sentence for the paragraph is the sap is boiled now on the surface of it when I first look at this it seems to me okay boil the SAP that seems to be enough to say but then I started thinking further and mentally trying to get the sack well and I developed in my own mind a number of questions so my my fully developed sentences in detail the first one would answer be the answer to the question so how long does it have to boil my answer might be the sap has to boil for three hours I don’t know what the truth is but let’s assume that the SAP has to boil for three hours my next question is at what temperature and the answer to that would be these sentence that would be your next fully developed detail and then I begin to have other questions that I think I’ll need to answer well alright I’m gonna boil it in a certain temperature first for a certain length of time then what has to happen next now I’ve got a VAT full of boiling SAP so the answer to that question what happens next would become my detail 3 and it might be something like you have to let it cool and stand for at least two hours before you can try to move it I don’t know if that’s true again but that’s what you would say so we would have as many details under the topic sentence this sap is boiled as the writer feels is necessary necessary to fully explain that topic sentence and next in this essay that we’re developing the topic sentence for the next paragraph or the next section would be the cured syrup must be bottled and packaged for distribution well if you look at that the topic is the cured syrup and what’s the attitude or the point about it well the point is it has to be bottled and packaged for distribution bottling is one thing packaging is another so I can tell already that there are at least two details needed to fully develop this sentence and in all in this some topic sentence and in all likelihood there may well be more so as we fill in the complete sentences that are details 1 2 & 3 we will be almost finished except that in this particular essay it happens that there are more than four steps there’s actually five and possibly a sixth possibly a seventh and so on so we would have a separate topic sentence for each of those steps in this process however many that may be and then the essay will be finished with the exception of the concluding paragraph and what you do in your concluding paragraph is remind your reader of what you are trying to explain making maple syrup so you’d have a sentence that said says something like in conclusion making maple syrup is a process that involves let’s pick seven steps that would bring us our paragraph or essay to a close with a concluding paragraph and then of course the last thing you have to do is proofread your essay and then you will be done